Y.O. Brand Licensing, LLC, licenses certain trademarks, service marks and copyrights associated with the world famous Y.O. Ranch Brand. The company is interested in expanding its business by building relationships with individuals and companies interested in licensing and marketing the Y.O. Brand on their own products and services such as: FOODS, BEVERAGES, APPAREL, FURNITURE, GIFTS, PERSONAL ITEMS, ETC., in a first-class, quality manner.  We believe we know how to advertise and conduct public relations activities that successfully publicize and promote the ranch and its world famous brand!

The Y.O. Brand was first used on the Texas Gulf Coast in the 1850's by Youngs O. Coleman of the Fulton Family Ranching Empire near Rockport. Eventually the brand changed hands and made its way to the Texas Hill Country near Kerrville. In 1880, Texas Ranger, Captain Charles Schreiner purchased the Y.O. Ranch, its brand and cattle from Taylor and Clements with the profits he made by driving more than 300,000 head of Texas Longhorns "up the trail" to Dodge City. Five generations of the Schreiner Family have operated the Y.O. -  a tradition that continues today.


In 1960 Charles Schreiner III (Charlie III), grandson of the Captain, began promoting the Y.O. as a premier hunting destination.  In the sixties, he hosted astronauts, senators, governors, kings, princes, movie stars and many other famous people as his guests. This afforded the ranch a great amount of publicity. A hefty advertising budget accompanied these efforts and has consistently promoted the ranch for 40+ years.

Additionally, Charlie III saved the Texas Longhorn from extinction and in the process gained notoriety far and wide. In 1966 he and Ace Reid produced a Longhorn Trail Drive from San Antonio to Dodge City and again in 1976 from San Antonio to Lubbock. These drives generated a great deal of regional press and brought much recognition to the Y.O., especially the day the thirsty Texas cowhands reached Dodge City and created quite a ruckus. When the Y.O. cowboys and cattle arrived in Lubbock they helped open the Texas Tech Ranching Heritage Center.

On April 12, 1980, Charlie III and Family threw a huge birthday party at Y.O. Headquarters to celebrate the ranch’s Centennial. A PR firm from Dallas arranged for 100+ reporters and television networks to cover the event. As a result, the ranch was featured, coast to coast, on the front page of the nation's largest newspapers with a picture of CSIII dressed in "Black Tie and Boots" atop "Ranger", a Texas Longhorn Steer as he rode through a herd of well-wishers. The value of the print space and time generated in favor of the ranch by all media was estimated at $5,500,000.




In 1984, the PBS show “Great Chefs of the Southwest” featured Y.O. Cook, Bertie Anne Varner, in a special television series of the same name including a cookbook to go along with the show. Thousands of people have traveled to the ranch just to eat some of “Bertie’s Cookin’” and meet our celebrity.

In 1989, Neiman Marcus sold a Y.O. Trail Drive in their Christmas Catalog. They mailed it to over two million customers and featured the Y.O. on the “Today Show”. Millions of customers and viewers were exposed to the Y.O. Brand.

That same year, Dewar’s Scotch featured Charles Schreiner IV (Four) as their  “Profile” for their National Ad Campaign. Millions were spent on this campaign and again, the Y.O. was prominently featured.

In 2003, Y.O. Cowboy, Jim Murff, appeared on “Fox and Friends” to deliver his poem to co-host E.D. Hill. The Y.O. received national attention here, as well.

In 1984, Charlie III built the Y.O. Resort Hotel and Conference Center in Kerrville, Texas. Today it still bears the Y.O. Brand, which is licensed to our friends from Galveston. This 200 room luxury hotel hosts 60,000-plus guests annually.

In 1996, the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse was opened with  a Y.O. Brand Licensing Agreement in place.  The Y.O. is the “Premiere Texas Steakhouse in Dallas' Historic West End” with some 50,000 customers per year.

Today, the Y.O. Ranch hosts approximately 40,000 visitors annually. These include customers for hunting, daily tours, group tours, horseback riding, trail drives, photo safaris, swimming, hiking, purchasing longhorns, longhorn auctions, purchasing wildlife, exotic game auctions, the Y.O. Social Club - "The Best Party in Texas" - Cowboy Camps, Hunting Camps, Adventure Camps, corporate meetings, weddings and other special occasions. Y.O. Landowners and their guests frequent the Headquarter's facilities, as well.

YO Brand Licensees include:

Y.O. Adventure Camp ~ Y.O. General Store ~ Y.O. Landowners Association ~ Y.O. Ranch
Y.O. Ranchlands ~ Y.O. Ranch Resort Hotel and Conference Center
Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse ~ Y.O. Safari Store ~ Y.O. Social Club


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